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How the other half lives: a look at private air travel

Private air travel is a big big global industry. No one seems to know the $$ size of this market. Private air travel also is one of the most expensive and most addictive products in the world. Lottery winners never fly commercial again. Fired or retired execs lament that they no longer have this wonderful soft perk. Berkshire Hathaway's Netjets is the gold standard in the industry. 3000 pilots. Global reach. Flights to and from 4000 airports and to and from 150 countries.

You may never fly in a Netjets plane to go on an exotic vacation or sign a billion-dollar deal. But Netjets has opened a video walk-through on its corporate website. And though you may fly RyanAir (Ireland: RYAAY, UNDERVALUED)  or Spirit Airlines (USA: LSE: 0L8U, UNDERVALUED) you can look at Netjets' jets' cushy leather seats, admire the galley's crystal champagne flutes view the upscale dinners and see the insides of the elegant and comfy planes that are at the heart of the company's mission and at the heart of an industry.

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